Seller’s Crucial Next Step: Finding Your Listing Agent

No matter what triggers your decision to sell, a crucial next step for every homeowner is selecting the Downtown Miami listing agent who will bring in the best results. If you don’t already have a bead on a leading Miami star producer, there are any number of factors that can help guide your listing agent choice. Some will be narrowly applicable to your home’s special characteristics, and some will be more universal.

The first consideration should be deciding whether you will be best served by tapping a specialist. Perhaps your property cleanly falls into the luxury category; perhaps it could best be offered as a supremely rentable vacation property. If it belongs in a specialized real estate niche, your first move may be to seek an agent who promotes his or her expertise dealing with that specific market.

If that’s not the case, and if you know somebody who has sold a home recently, ask him or her for details about the experience. While online forums offers plenty of reviews, the most dependable way to get a candid and unbiased opinion on a Miami listing agent is to ask someone who has had recent personal dealings. Ask what they liked best about their listing agent, and what, if anything, they would have changed.

In any case, before settling on the listing agent in Downtown Miami who will be your marketing partner, speak to an alternate candidate or two. Don’t be afraid to offend them if they don’t wind up as your first choice: remember, they are pros. And (incidentally) it won’t hurt that more than one agent has advanced knowledge that your property will soon be on the market!

Even when time is a factor, don’t rush too much in choosing your listing agent. A few extra days devoted to making the right decision can save weeks (or months!) later. If you are preparing to bring your home to market, I always offer you a no-obligation in-home consultation — and always put the strength of my network to work for you.  For proof — just ask!

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