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Peter Zalewski: Miami Beach is overheating

According to the Condo Vultures principal the Miami Beach real estate is overheating. Peter Zalewski recently declared that the real estate in Miami Beach is getting prices that are higher than the 2006 cycle. Despite the resale in properties, the prices are still going up. Around 600 condo units that were constructed on the real […]

Florida House passes foreclosure reform bill

The Florida Current reported that the HB 87 was passed by the The Florida House of Representative to intensify foreclosures and unclog backed-up courts. This would enable the mortgagee to move the court to hold a hearing to show cause. A court can require defendants in a real estate foreclosure action to demonstrate why a […]

Investor-owned rentals make strange neighbors

Neighborhoods are changing as more investors are buying distressed single-family homes to rent. Investors from large institutions started buying single-family homes in Palm Beach a year ago. Wall Street hedge funds and other large institutional investors started buying up single-family homes in foreclosure in Palm Beach County about a year ago, according to the Post. […]